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AdvancePierre Foods

AdvancePierre Foods is a nationally recognized supplier of value-added proteins and sandwich products to foodservice, retail, schools and convenience channels across the United States. I had the privilege of designing an iPad application for their sales team, which needed the following:

1. The ability to create and update pre-call documents.

2. Check the status of customer opportunities (leads).

3. Tailor offerings, menu items and solutions for clients.

4. Create a space for “Tips & Tricks“ to address any roadblocks the user may face in any step-by-step process.

5. Add a call log where on-call notes can be stored.

The clients provided detailed requirements and rough drafts which sped up my ability to deliver informed designs. It did however make me realize the importance of UX designers being involved in discussions where information architecture and site-flow decisions are made.

Product Manager
Maxwell Berg
Mindbox Studios